Outsourcing of Accounting Function

We at SAE believe that client can take benefit of our technical competency in IFRS to manage Accounting function and Financial reporting process. The growing business demand expert knowledge in accounting to support the timely management information. Our Accounting team assist clients to provide financial information on time by updating the books of accounts on regular basis.

On-tracking of Backlog Accounting

In case the client has not made the proper books of accounts as required by the concerned laws, we can assist to bring the accounting records on real time basis so that going forward accounting information will be smooth.

IFRS Compliance and Impact Assessment

The local regulations in UAE (which is Federal Law No. 2 of 2015) require business to maintain books of accounts under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We believe that we can provide clients with impact assessment on IFRS if the existing books are not maintained under IFRS. We provide Gap assessment services, impact assessment and monitoring of the accounting policies as per IFRS.

Setting Up The Accounting Process
Setting Up The Accounting Process

If the business is growing and there are no written guidelines for the important process, we assist clients to make Process flow, Accounting Manual and important process manual. We start with the existing control assessment and provide preliminary report on the control issues identified to identify cash bleeding in the process so clients can take corrective actions.