Internal Audit/ Accounting Function Supervision
We agree scope with the client for the verification of the specific item of the financial reporting process and design our review procedures to meet the desired objective. Report on our findings is then discussed with client for improvements.
Transaction Advisory

Client might face a situation that needs a specific accounting solutions. We assist in guiding the client and provide specific advisory on these challenges.

Due Diligence

We assist clients in verification of the financial information passed on in a due diligence assignment. Be it on a seller side or buyer side, providing fair financial reporting information is critical. We assist seller or buyer by providing assurance that the financial information provided is appropriate.

Financial Health Check Up

We can perform one time financial health check up of the existing financial information (weather audited or unaudited) to provide additional assurance if the position of the financial statement and the income statement is not over/ under stated.

Re-Structuring Of The Solely Owned Various Group Of Business For Better Management

Privately owned sole proprietorship business are managed currently in traditional style. Considering the technological changes, overall focus on Information Technology driven information, local government moving towards Blockchain, the traditional approach needs to be improved. We assist clients to structure the various individually owned business to form part of group so proper reporting structure is formed and thereby synergies can be achieved.